See the Myth scorecard here.The Myth Golf course is near Troy, Auburn Hills & Lake Orion Michigan. Myth Golf Course is a perfect location for golf leagues or golf memberships. After viewing the Myth Golf Course scorecard, see the pro shop tips below for each hole.

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Myth Golf Course Tips & Tricks Hole by Hole

Scorecard (Hole 1) par 4 – 365 yards – Hit a 3 wood off the tee favoring the right side. Two Bunkers guarding the front of the green.

Scorecard (Hole 2) par 5 – 548 yards – The longest hole on course with out of bounds on left. Fairway narrows on landing area of second shot. Most play this as a three shot hole and playing it safe is the way to go.

Scorecard (Hole 3) par 4 – 432 yards – Have to hit it straight here with out of bounds on the left. The green is undulated facing the fairway.

Scorecard (Hole 4) par 3 – 198 yards – Tough hole here with severely tiered green, out of bounds on left and water on the right.

Scorecard (Hole 5) par 4 – 289 yards – With 120 yards to carry the wetland, this is an easy layup to a two tiered green with bunker in front and trouble long.

Scorecard (Hole 6) par 4 – 427 yards – Let loose with your driver on this hole. Just don’t go right.

Scorecard (Hole 7) par 4 – 319 yards – Hitting a straight shot 200 yards, makes this an easy par 4. Fairway bails out left with wetlands on the right.

Scorecard (Hole 8) par 4 – 468 yards – A long par 4 with a creek 30 yards in front of the green. Green has a lot of movement.

Scorecard (Hole 9) par 4 – 324 yards – Tee shot here is 200 down the right side that leaves a short iron on a green that slopes toward water to the front.

Scorecard (Hole 10) par 4 – 358 yards – Blind layup hit your tee shot 210 to have a great look into a green with a bunker front right.

Scorecard (Hole 11) par 3 – 138 yards – Shortest hole on the course but don’t let if fool you. The green is well guarded and severely sloped toward the tee box.

Scorecard (Hole 12) par 4 – 297 yards –Risk / reward hole if you hit a long ball and want to try and drive. Wetlands on the right and native mounds on the left with a small green.

Scorecard (Hole 13) par 3 – 165 yards – The Myth signature hole with an elevated tee to a generous green all over water. Once you hit the green, take advantage of this hole and make your birdie.

Scorecard (Hole 14) par 4 – 428 yards – Dogleg left. Hit your tee shot 200 yards to the landing area. Second shot over wetland uphill to generous green with large hidden bunker on left side.

Scorecard (Hole 15) par 3 – 208 yards – Bail out left with wetlands to the right.

Scorecard (Hole 16) par 5 – 488 yards – Birdie hole here with wetlands front left of generous green guarded by four bunkers.

Scorecard (Hole 17) par 4 – 338 yards – Fairway bails out to right, tee shot is 130 to clear with a wetland large tiered green.

Scorecard (Hole 18) par 5 – 537 yards – Hit driver down the right side so you have a shot around the tree on left. Stay on the right. The green is tucked left around the corner.